Message from Committee-woman Gail Farwell

Healthy people and vibrant neighborhoods are the core of what makes Saint Louis Missouri a great place to live. The Central West End is just one of the neighborhoods that make the city great.

As a result of the recent COVID-19 crisis the once vibrant Central West End has been silenced. I want us to safely rebound from the crisis with both our health and economy in tact. With a bit of effort and advocacy we can do our part to help not only our neighborhood but the entire United States. We must stay healthy in order for the economy to recover.

l encourage all residents of the district to call and email all U.S. Congressional Representatives both Democratic and Republican, demanding proactive action to save lives. Let them know that time is of the essence. We can not improve the economy without a healthy nation. Hopefully, Americans will not forget the efforts that we made during these trying times.

Let’s bring back the vibrance by advocating for the health of our community!

Be counted go to:

 Gail Farwell, RN

28TH Ward Democratic Committeewoman