As one of the oldest and most active ward organizations in the City, we tackle pressing issues and political races in engaging and respectful discussion, featuring top experts, elected officials, and candidates for office. We organize at the Precinct level to register voters, engage neighbors, and support our endorsed candidates at the polls. The Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except for our December holiday party!) Follow us on social media, sign-up for our email list, or check here for information about upcoming events.

All in person meetings have been postponed to help fight the spread of Covid-19. Please follow us on Facebook for important updates.


St. Louis voters recently enacted Proposition D which changed the way elections occur for certain offices, including Mayor. There will now be two important elections this spring.

1) March 2nd Non-Partisan Primary – All voters will receive the same ballot with all candidates listed without party affiliation. Each voter will then be able to choose as many candidates as they’d like. The top two vote-getters for each office will then proceed to the general election.

2) April 6th General Election – Each voter may vote for one of the two candidates that received the most votes in the March 2nd primary.

Offices up for Election: These elections will decide Mayor and half of the Board of Aldermen. There will not be an election for Alderperson for the 28th Ward as our Alderwoman, Heather Navarro, was elected only two years ago. There will also be elections for school board but those are not affected by the new rules. Click here for an official sample ballot for the March 2nd primary from the St. Louis City Board of Election Commissioners.

Important 28th Ward Meeting and Election Dates:

  • 01/20/21: Absentee voting begins for nonpartisan primary
  • 01/21/21: 28th Ward Regular Mtg.
  • 2/18/21: 28th Ward Regular Mtg.
  • 03/02/21: Election date – Nonpartisan Primary
  • 03/03/21: Absentee voting begins for general election
  • 03/04/21: 28th Ward ENDORSEMENT ELECTION
  • 03/18/21: 28th Ward Regular Mtg. 
  • 04/06/21: Election date – General Election

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The 28th Ward is comprised of parts of the Central West End, DeDaliviere Place, Skinker DeBaliviere, West End, Wydown Skinker, Hi-Pointe, and Forest Park.

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